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  • Since 1984, Morningstar has grown into a leading provider of independent investment research and a global company focused on helping investors worldwide reach their financial goals. With a presence in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Latin America, we offer products and services for investors, advisers, and institutions built on a foundation of high-quality investment data, insightful analyst research, and user-friendly design.

    This global reach combines with local expertise to give our Indian clients the services and information they need to move toward their long-term goals.
  • Investment Advisory Services Focused on Long-Term Goals

    With decades of experience and industry-leading research on asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio construction, Morningstar’s investment advisory services is equipped to help firms of any size develop suitable long-term investments for their clients. Asset-management firms, wealth managers, and insurance companies worldwide trust Morningstar to provide strategies and solutions for a variety of client needs and market conditions.


    Solutions for In-Depth Investment Analysis

    Morningstar’s institutional offerings combine our data and analysis in solutions built for asset managers, advisers, brokers, and insurance companies. Morningstar Direct™ is a global investment analysis platform that unites all of Morningstar’s data and institutional research, private and third-party content, rigorous analytics, and tools. The software platform streamlines the process of finding meaning in financial information, then helps investment professionals communicate this information in customised reports and presentations with compelling data visualisations. Morningstar also offers a la carte tools that specialise in multiple aspects of investment selection and portfolio construction, including Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray™ and Portfolio Planner.


    Global Investment Data, With Local Coverage

    Morningstar’s investment database is one of the largest in the industry, with extensive quality data on hundreds of thousands of investments worldwide. We currently have data coverage on more than 5,000 India funds, 5,500 India closed-end funds, and 6,200 Indian companies, and we are actively expanding our Indian database. But it’s not enough for us to build the biggest investment database. We also devote our time, technology, and industry expertise to make it the highest-quality data available.


    Independent Analyst Research and Proprietary Ratings

    Morningstar’s global team of more than 260 equity, credit, and fund analysts create insightful reports with independent, fact-based opinions that can be used to support equity analysis, due diligence processes, and manager selection. Morningstar India’s analysts leverage this global reach and methodology in our broad coverage of Indian equities and fund managers to reinforce the fundamental company and equity data in Morningstar Direct. Our quantitative equity ratings and other proprietary measures, such as the Morningstar Style Box™ and the Morningstar Rating™ complement our research with measures that our clients can use to easily assess the attributes of an investment.

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    For more information about how Morningstar helps investors in India or to learn more about the variety of opportunities we offer that can help institutions connect with investors, please contact the Morningstar sales team.

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