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  • Investment Process
    We apply a rigorous investment process to all of our investment advisory work that brings together our core capabilities in asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio construction. Our process integrates proprietary research, patented methodologies, and leading investment techniques. It provides a foundation for our investment professionals to create customized solutions that help address each client’s investment objectives and the individual characteristics of different investors.
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  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation 
    We begin by developing capital market assumptions in-house using the years of capital markets data we have collected and analyzed. We use innovative strategic and tactical asset allocation principles to offer investors new ways to help manage their investment objectives along with challenges such as increasing volatility, growing correlations across asset classes, and rapidly shifting economic conditions.
    Manager Selection 
    Our manager selection capabilities are strengthened through our access to high-quality investment data and fundamental analyst research from Morningstar, Inc. We maintain a team of investment professionals who support our portfolio management process and identify the most appropriate strategies to include in the select lists and portfolios we manage.
    Portfolio Construction 
    During our portfolio construction process, we combine our asset allocation expertise with our knowledge of managers and strategies. We then use advanced proprietary optimization tools and processes to help build efficient and effective investment portfolios tailored to each client’s needs.
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