• Investment Consulting Services
    We provide a variety of independent investment consulting services to support all stages of the investment process. The solutions we offer can include investment select lists, manager due diligence, and capital market assumptions. Our solutions are not limited to certain investment types and can cover exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, separate accounts, variable insurance trusts, and subaccounts. All of our investment consulting services deliver the in-depth, third-party perspective needed to help meet the challenges institutions face today.
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  • Investment Select Lists
    Our manager evaluation process is designed to look beyond performance to find funds that satisfy a variety of return, risk, style, and expense characteristics while also working together to achieve defined investment objectives. Our investment professionals and portfolio managers can sift through a universe of thousands of investments or a preselected universe of funds and portfolio managers to deliver a handpicked list for each asset class, giving advisors the tools they need to implement asset allocation strategies.
    Manager Due Diligence
    Our manager due diligence process allows us to evaluate managers using proprietary methodologies and data from Morningstar, Inc. Our investment professionals and portfolio managers perform both quantitative and qualitative analyses of managers, including their performance, to determine if an investment satisfies a desired level of suitability. Through this process, we deliver comprehensive reporting and consultative support to help clients understand and implement the evaluations we provide.
    Capital Market Assumptions 
    As a leading authority on estimating capital market returns, our experience goes back to the 1970s when Roger Ibbotson and Rex Sinquefield began the research that would become Ibbotson SBBI®, or Stocks, Bond, Bills, and Inflation, data. This data inspired the "building-block" methodology for estimating expected returns, which serves as the foundation of our forecasting methodology. The building-block approach is based on the insight that asset class returns can be decomposed into different sources of returns, from which we can derive forward-looking "building blocks." Our forecasting methodology is customized for each asset class and continuously updated by our experienced investment professionals. Today, we have developed more than 65 capital market forecasts for a comprehensive set of traditional and alternative asset classes.
    Risk-Tolerance Questionnaires 
    Our risk-profiling tools are used by leading asset management firms, insurance companies, banks, broker/dealers, and retirement plan providers across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our risk-tolerance questionnaire and scoring system is designed to help identify each investor’s willingness to accept various levels of risk and capacity to bear risk, ultimately directing investors to appropriate portfolios. The origins of this offering date back to the risk-profiling methodology Ibbotson Associates, Inc. developed with the help of leading scholars in the behavioral finance field. Our risk-tolerance questions consider investor behaviors such as loss aversion, choice of risk-reward combination, and the ability to stay the course.