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    We construct and manage investment strategies using a broad range of investments to help our clients address the specific needs and challenges they face in the marketplace. We can then customize these strategies to meet specific investment objectives. Our experienced investment professionals combine our leading asset allocation methodologies built on years of research with our manager-selection expertise, along with a deep understanding of the relationship between the two. This allows us to build custom portfolios that incorporate a variety of investments from mutual funds, to separately managed accounts, to individual securities.

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  • Strategic Asset Allocation Strategies

    Target-Risk: Our Target-Risk investment strategies are strategic asset allocation model portfolios designed to increase returns and reduce overall portfolio risk. These portfolios use a diversified set of asset classes with the goal of achieving long-term capital appreciation and income for a range of investor risk profiles. This long-term approach can help investors who make decisions based on emotional reactions to market swings stay on the path toward achieving their financial goals.

    Active Passive: Our Active Passive strategies efficiently employ both actively managed mutual funds and lower-cost passive exchange-traded funds. Combining both passive and active investing styles, these strategies are designed to offer a best-of-both-worlds approach. Based on research of manager performance by asset class, our approach guides the allocation to passive ETFs (which help give the portfolio a diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient anchor) and actively managed funds (which help give the portfolio potential for returns in excess of the market). Our goal is to build optimal active/passive portfolios that provide the potential for excess return while controlling for risk and expense.

    Target-Date: Our Target-Date strategies bring together the asset allocation expertise and academic research of Ibbotson Associates, Inc. with the comprehensive fund analysis and objectivity from Morningstar, Inc. When constructing target-date strategies and their glide paths, our experienced investment team considers a plan’s unique demographic profile and adapts the strategy to meet a plan’s needs and objectives. The team builds each strategy using a plan’s existing fund lineup to include the managers selected specifically for the plan.

    Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies

    Dynamic Asset Allocation: We designed our Dynamic Asset Allocation strategies to make short-term deviations from an existing strategic asset allocation portfolio with the goal of enhancing returns while maintaining the long-term expected risk characteristics. When implementing these strategies we use quantitative and qualitative signals, including broad macroeconomic factors, valuation at the asset class level, and momentum signals, along with advanced risk budgeting techniques to determine relative asset class overweightings or underweightings.

    Managed Risk: Our Managed Risk strategies are designed to do just that—manage risk while maximizing return by diversifying across a wide-ranging set of asset classes. They aim to provide asymmetrical returns for a given level of risk. In the event of a major market shift, they are intended to protect the investor against a significant drawdown in value, allowing investors to remain invested in equities.

    Momentum: Our Momentum strategies recognize the tendency of returns to follow a pattern, such as when "hot" securities continue a winning streak or underperformers languish. These strategies are designed to capitalize on these trends, overweighting the asset classes with the most positive momentum signals and underweighting those with the most negative signals. Our Momentum strategies can be powerful tools for investors seeking efficient, diversified portfolios.

    Opportunistic: Our Opportunistic strategies proactively seek out investment opportunities and take advantage of market conditions now and over the long term. We construct our Opportunistic strategies to be tactical and more active while managing them in a diversified and cost-effective manner. We incorporate a complex tactical program that seeks to capitalize on trends and mispricing in asset classes, sectors, and geographies, while avoiding overly volatile markets where we have identified a significant risk of loss.

    Specialty Strategies

    Absolute Return: Our Absolute Return strategies are designed to deliver moderate, consistent returns that are not overly dependent on the direction of the broad equity markets. These strategies can help clients and investors of all kinds manage risk. They are adaptable in any market environment and invest in a broad range of securities. By emphasizing alternative or nontraditional asset classes, our Absolute Return strategies can offer highly diversified exposure across geographies, sectors, and time horizons.

    Diversified Alternatives: Our Diversified Alternatives strategies offer investors access to a professionally balanced group of alternative investments designed to work with traditional stock and bond portfolios, enhancing their overall risk/return profile. This institutional approach to investment selection and portfolio construction provides added diversification through exposure to alternative investment strategies and assets.

    High Income: Our High Income strategies are designed to maximize yield and achieve an acceptable total return, while minimizing long-term risk to principal. Suitable for investors seeking income generation with a diversified mix of asset class exposures, our High Income strategies help investors transition from the accumulation investment phase into retirement. As these strategies are designed to meet individual income goals, our investment professionals help develop the appropriate mix of investments to meet the investor’s income objectives.

    Real Return: Our Real Return strategies are designed to help preserve the real value of assets over an intermediate time horizon. To do so, these strategies aim to strike a balance by delivering positive inflation-adjusted returns without excessive risk. Investing in a variety of assets with inflation-hedging properties, they are diverse enough to anchor a portfolio yet aren’t dependent on a single asset type. This diversification helps lessen some of the risks associated with particular inflation-hedging assets.

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