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    The goal of the Morningstar Open Indexes Project is to lower the cost of equity indexes and improve outcomes for all investors.

    We believe that investment performance measurement should be reliable, transparent, and accessible. As part of the Open Indexes Project, we’re delivering our equity indexes for benchmarking purposes – for free.

    Participants will receive price return, total return, net return, and month-end constituent data from the 100+ global equity indexes included in the project. See how our indexes correlate with standard benchmarks and how we compare with other index providers.

    We have expanded the Open Indexes Project. Through a strategic collaboration with Euronext, Morningstar has added two new indexes to the Open Indexes Project; including the Morningstar Eurozone 50 Index and the Morningstar Developed Europe 100.

  • Behind the Trends in Fees
    The Rising Cost of Benchmarking
    Sanjay Arya discusses the Open Indexes Project and why benchmarking costs shouldn't be so high.
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    Use our interactive tool to see a real-time view of the equity markets, powered exclusively by Morningstar Open Indexes.
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