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  • Morningstar Ibbotson Conference



    February 20-21, 2014




    JW Marriott Desert Ridge

    Resort & Spa

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • About the Conference
    The Morningstar Ibbotson Conference is Morningstar's premier event for sophisticated and institutional-type investors. At the conference we bring together thought leaders from around the world to present thought-leading ideas that affect our industry. Join us for two days in February, as we shed light on some of the newest research and theories that are reshaping the investment community.

    Macro Risk, Investment Risk, Emerging Markets Emerging markets have grown from niche to core investments. They have also become increasingly differentiated with some approaching developed market status while others remain in transition. Different markets present investors with different risk and reward opportunities.

    Given demographic and economic trends, this is almost certain to continue. Understanding how emerging markets differ from each other, what sort of risks they embody individually and collectively, and where potential opportunities might lie is crucial to any well diversified portfolio.

    Some of the proprietary research we will be unveiling at the conference includes:

    Momentum, Acceleration, and Crash
    Understand how accelerated stock price increases are a strong contributor to both poor performance and a higher probability of crashes.

    Quantitative Equity Ratings: Predictions Derived from Expert Crowds
    Learn how Morningstar's newest series of forward-looking quantitative ratings for equities are created, how Morningstar analysts' preferences are incorporated and the inherent advantages and challenges of this approach.

    Time Diversification
    Explore the concept of time diversification - the anomaly where equities become less risky over longer investment periods.
  • Registration Information

    Registration: $1150

    To register, call +1 877 525-3257.

    Cancellation Policy
    Registration fees are 100% refundable if we receive your cancellation notice by January 24, 2014. Please call +1 877 525 3257 to cancel a reservation. No refunds are available after January 24, 2014. If you have registered and cannot attend, you may send someone else in your place.
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