• Morningstar’s Journey to Quality
  • We consider quality a journey and believe that by investing in it, we will bring better outcomes to our company and clients. Our Quality Program is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients and investors.
  • Why Quality Matters
    In 1984, our founder and CEO Joe Mansueto recognized a need in the marketplace to help investors make smarter decisions. He launched Morningstar to encourage investors to look deeper into the characteristics of a fund, such as its manager, investment strategy, and underlying portfolio, before investing in it. With this vision in mind, Morningstar has grown into a leading provider of independent investment information. Investors around the world turn to our data, research methodologies, products, and services for an objective perspective. They depend on the quality of the information we provide to make informed investing decisions.

    The History of Our Quality Program
    We launched our Quality Program in 2004 when we hired our first chief quality officer and established a Quality team. Initially, we focused our efforts on our data operations in Chicago and Shenzhen, China. Over time, we began to apply our quality principles to our research processes, products, services, and various internal functions across our company worldwide. We continually expand and enhance our program to make it more client-centric, often looking outside our industry to market leaders in adopting quality initiatives—whether they are auto manufacturers, auto part suppliers, hotels, or hospitals. Our Quality Program is practical and easy to adopt. It focuses on building a culture of inclusiveness and reinforces our efforts to provide investors and our clients with a good experience.

    Quality Around the World
    Our Quality Program is global in reach, so we have a consistent way of working across our global offices on six continents. Our Quality Program provides a common language for our employees to use when working together, whether they are in Chicago, Shenzhen, Mumbai, or London. Our devotion to quality helps us promote a client-centric culture, teamwork, disciplined execution, and improved processes around the world.

  • The Evolution of Quality
    At Morningstar, we define Quality from the perspective of our clients. When we began our formal journey to improve quality, clients told us they were looking for accurate, complete, and timely data. Through the years, clients came to expect high-quality data from us—and their bar rose higher. Clients began to look to us to improve how we deliver our products, so we broadened the reach of our Quality Program to all levels of the company. Today, we share the information we have learned about quality with not only our clients, but also the investment industry as a whole. Clients are curious about our Quality Program, so we work with them to help them integrate quality principles within their own organizations, such as data governance. Our quality leaders often present our ideas at quality forums and industry events. We want to be a catalyst for change that plays a role in improving our industry to the benefit of investors everywhere.

    Our Independent Quality Team
    Helping us shape and drive our Quality Program is our independent, autonomous Quality team. This group is responsible for educating Morningstar employees about our Quality Program, mentoring employees in Lean Six Sigma practices, and conducting process and data audits. The Quality team champions the voice of the client across our business and raises the bar on quality to elevate our processes to higher levels of performance.

    Morningstar Quality Training
    Morningstar has developed its own in-house quality training and makes it available to all employees, promoting participation in the Quality Program across the globe. Employees bring a real-world project to their training sessions with our Lean Six Sigma professionals, then go on to finish these projects when they complete their training. We know how important it is to develop quality experts everywhere, who then give each local team the tools they need to bring quality to clients in their markets.

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