• Delivering Value to Clients

    The pursuit of quality at Morningstar is deeply linked with our mission to help investors reach their financial goals. The Morningstar Quality Program helps us achieve our mission by making sure we deliver accurate data, research, products, and services to our clients and investors. We understand the complexities investors face within the financial industry. That is why we constantly improve our products and processes to help investors avoid risk and achieve better financial outcomes. Our dedication to quality has made us a leading voice in the financial services industry. Clients and other industry participants who share our quest for continuous improvement regularly approach us to share our experience in adopting quality practices.

  • Our Investment in Quality

    At Morningstar, we believe that quality is a long-term investment in continuous improvement. We began this journey in 2004 by considering how to best approach quality across our company. Since then, our Quality Program has grown globally—uniting our employees through a common desire to offer our clients the best experiences. Quality provides unified practices and consistent tools for our employees to use when working together, whether they are in Chicago, Shenzhen, Mumbai, or London. Our Quality Program began with a core set of guiding principles that shape our program, giving us direction, purpose, and vision.

  • The Morningstar Quality Program

    Morningstar is an industry leader in adopting a formal, global quality program. We created the Morningstar Quality Program to drive client-centricity, operational excellence, and continuous improvements across our company. Building on well-respected quality practices, we designed our own quality program in-house. Investors and our clients who serve them are at the core of the program and inspire everything we do. Keeping their needs in focus, we constantly measure, build, own, and sustain the highest level of excellence in our products and services. We use disciplined methods and a common set of tools to identify issues and find creative ways to improve our processes.

  • Facts About Morningstar Quality

    Regulators around the world choose to work with Morningstar because of our independence and the quality of our information.
    The world’s most respected global media publications and portals rely on Morningstar data and research.
    Morningstar analysts, their research, and other spokespeople were cited by the media around the world at least 100 times per day in 2014.
    Global technology providers license Morningstar data to fuel their tools and analysis platforms.
    Our clients actively seek us for our unique approach to quality.
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  • Our Four Pillars of Quality

    We conduct audits and benchmark studies and consult dashboards to measure our processes.


    We improve processes using Lean Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC framework.


    Typically we have 60+ improvement projects going on, each led by a process owner.


    Our Quality team audits and certifies processes to push them to higher levels of excellence.

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