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  • An Entrepreneurial Start
    In 1984, Joe Mansueto left his job as a stock analyst, inspired by an idea. He realised that investors lacked the information they needed to make intelligent decisions about which investments best fit their plans. At the same time, he saw mutual funds growing in popularity as the tides were shifting away from company pensions to 401(k) plans. What was missing, he thought, was investment research for the average investor.
    Humble, yet ambitious beginnings
    Joe turned his idea into a new business with high aspirations—to help investors reach their financial goals. Driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that led him to sell sodas and snacks to his dorm-mates while earning his master’s degree at the University of Chicago, Joe invested a small sum of money into a few early-model computers and launched Morningstar from his one-bedroom apartment in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighbourhood.

    Morningstar’s first product
    He hired a few employees and began gathering data for Morningstar’s first product, The Mutual Fund Sourcebook™. Six hundred people subscribed in the first year in response to Morningstar’s ad in Barron’s magazine. What was originally a bound publication of computer print-outs eventually became the springboard for dozens of products and services not only for investors, but the advisers and institutions that serve them.

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    Always focused on the investor
    Today, investors around the world turn to Morningstar’s independent perspective as they make their decisions. And we’re just as intensely investor-focused as we were on the first day Joe launched the business. We may work in offices around the world, but we’re united by our passion for helping investors.

    An atmosphere of ownership
    We’re also united by a common feeling that we’re all entrepreneurs striving to make Morningstar’s products as innovative as they can be. This helps us maintain the same spirit and energy we had when we were much smaller. We encourage employees to pursue new ideas. Throughout the company, there’s a passion and desire to change things for the better.
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