• How We Help Asset Management Firms
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  • Manage and Report Data

    Firms outsource data management to us to increase efficiency and reduce the costs and risks related to regulations. Our broad data coverage and commitment to quality is why we’re the chosen data provider for industry organisations and leading media outlets. We help meet increasing reporting requirements, too, either through services like fund fact sheet publishing or through our investment analysis platform that allows firms to create their own reports.

  • Meet Regulatory Requirements

    Morningstar proactively works with the asset management industry to introduce leading ideas and solutions to help deal with the consequences related to regulatory changes, while also bringing more transparency and clarity to advisers and investors. Our experts make it their business to decipher regulations and provide solutions to manage them, such as overcoming the challenges of delivering differentiated marketing proposition materials and regulated documents such as KIIDs. We not only offer the highest quality data, but proven expertise in creating communications investors recognise and trust. Our pioneering focus upon full portfolio holdings data and portfolio mapping services address the needs of Solvency II. Senior-level professionals regularly attend our forums to discuss these and other industry issues.

  • Evaluate and Report Performance

    Morningstar streamlines the process of evaluating and reporting on performance. Our robust global database gives asset managers the raw numbers they need to conduct performance analysis, and our software uses that data to make peer and performance attribution analyses easy. Asset managers can also use our independent research and proprietary ratings to quickly get a sense of investment performance and gauge how their offerings match up against competitors’.

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