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  • Michael Golub
    Founder and CEO
    Golub Group
    San Mateo, California

    Golub Group provides portfolio management services for high-net-worth individuals and professional and corporate retirement plans.
  • Golub Group
  • Deep industry knowledge
    During the credit crisis and meltdown in the financial sector, we saw investment opportunities for our clients and wanted deeper industry- and company-specific knowledge. But the problem with most Wall Street research is that it comes with an agenda. We needed an independent approach and the domain expertise to help make good decisions for our clients.  

    Research without an agenda
    We called Morningstar because I have always been impressed with the breadth, quality, and value of its offerings, as well as its reputation. Morningstar’s lack of conflict of interest is terribly important to us—integrity is the basis of our discipline. Morningstar equity research is truly objective, without an agenda.
  • Its emphasis on intrinsic values, economic moats, and stewardship is aligned with our own approach to evaluating businesses.  

    Straight from the source
    The direct access we receive to more than 100 Morningstar analysts is an enormous asset. Our clients have access to the actual investment research and analysis, as opposed to being one or two steps removed. That is where the strength of Morningstar® Equity Research Services really comes through. 

    A powerful statement
    Working with Morningstar makes a powerful statement as we move to attract more institutional investors. When we discuss our research methods and talk about our relationship—frankly, that’s the part where prospects light up. Morningstar is a trusted organization and that, by extension, helps build trust in us.
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  • Shared values
    In Morningstar, we’ve found kindred spirits in terms of values and philosophy. We both have an overriding desire to delight customers with a service of uncommon value. We think in terms of long-term relationships—in investing, with organisations, and with human beings. We are excited about benefiting from our connection with Morningstar for many years.  
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