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  • Morningstar’s legendary analytic capabilities converge in Morningstar® Adviser Workstation™ Office Edition, with detailed information on U.K. open-end, insured (Life and Pension), and offshore funds. Access to a broad range of investment data supports whole-of-market research, helping advisers retain their independence post-RDR.
  • What you can do:
    Simplify the research process
    Easily compare funds
    Use preset searches and create lists
    Isolate the best options with standard and customisable screening tools
    Because Adviser Workstation is online, you can work with confidence, knowing you have the most recent information available. Data is updated as soon as it becomes available—daily, monthly, and quarterly—and includes performance details, underlying full holdings information, and Morningstar Rating™ and Morningstar Style Box™ statistics. Screen and rank the best investments for a specific client or portfolio. Plus, create Saved Lists and Searches that help you automatically monitor new investment opportunities in specific areas of interest.
    Produce informative and compelling graphs and reports
    Investment Growth
    Rolling Return
    Risk/Reward Scatterplot
    Morningstar Summary Report
    Portfolio Snapshot™
    Use powerful graphing and reporting capabilities to quickly convert complex data into accessible information. Report Builder allows you to create your own customised reports.
    Share information with clients
    Print reports for presentations
    Send PDFs via email
    Provide consistent information across asset classes
    Easily convert research into clear, concise communications to share with clients. Present in-depth investment strategies and strengthen customer relationships.
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