• Sample Reports
  • Displays up to 16 items (15 securities and one benchmark) with at least one year of investment history on an XY axis. Each point represents a holding and reveals the standard deviation and mean return figures for that holding.
    Provides an in-depth synopsis of the client’s portfolio with asset class and investment style breakdowns, performance information, and top holdings.
    Identifies cumulative exposure to individual equities, based on shares and underlying holdings of the managed products in a portfolio. Reviews the top 15 holdings in a portfolio to identify its overall weighting in a particular security or sector.
    Scans an entire portfolio to create a comprehensive picture of the portfolio's underlying holdings, overall sector exposure, and overall investment style.
    Shows an asset allocation comparison between the client’s current portfolio and a model portfolio.
    Illustrates historical performance of an individual security, a portfolio of securities, or a comparison between two or more securities. Commonly used when making investment recommendations to clients.
    Details on the differences in stock and bond exposures among investments in the selected portfolios.
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