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  • Strengthen and build client and prospect relationships with powerful diagnostic tools and customer relationship management (CRM) features that allow you to easily email research reports and proposals directly to clients.
  • What you can do:
    Manage client and prospect information
    Foster strong relationships and build new ones with powerful CRM features
    Work collaboratively with other advisers and staff members using Permission Control
    Morningstar ® Adviser Workstation™ Office Edition includes a client management programme and can easily integrate client data with other investment tools. Permission Control enables advisers to coordinate with staff to maintain consistent client information.
    Monitor account performance
    Prioritise your clients based on assets under management or other criteria
    Identify best- or worst-performing securities in your clients’ portfolios
    Quickly access key performance reports for your practice, clients, and portfolios
    The Practice Management system allows advisers to look at all of a client’s holdings at the individual security level. This helps you closely observe your clients’ portfolio performance by identifying stock overlap and ensuring appropriate diversification.
    Efficiently manage each portfolio
    Build detailed client portfolios
    Compare performance using custom benchmarks
    Save model asset allocations, portfolios, and benchmarks
    Create detailed investment plans and generate Investment Reports
    Specify investment plans based on your clients' goals or risk-tolerance, or use the Efficient Frontier method to find the optimal asset allocation for a given level of risk.
    Use exclusive portfolio diagnostic tools
    Examine client portfolios quickly to spot potential problems or opportunities
    Activate customised alerts
    Powerful tools, such as Portfolio X-Ray ® , enable you to review an entire portfolio and create a complete picture of its underlying stocks, overall sector exposure, and investment style.
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