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  • Morningstar® Adviser Workstation™ Office Edition's planning tools help you build appropriate portfolios for clients by assessing their needs, identifying their appetite for risk, and defining their investment goals. Comprehensive planning tools and other features facilitate productive adviser/client interactions that help lead clients to smart, informed investment decisions. With these planning tools, you have everything you need to show clients how and why different strategies might succeed. Advisers who use the platform can depend on its repeatable, auditable investment process to meet regulatory requirements such as RDR.
  • What you can do:
    Conduct meaningful goal-based assessments
    Quickly assess a client’s future goals and risk tolerance
    Use Monte Carlo simulations to project the probability of achieving goals
    Identify a suitable asset allocation
    Adviser Workstation can accommodate different investment goals—such as purchasing a home, funding education, and saving for retirement. Advisers can use the platform to explore how different investment strategies and asset allocations may allow clients to achieve their goals while remaining consistent with the level of risk they prefer.
    Use additional asset allocation tools
    Build risk-based investment plans
    Create investment strategies using the Efficient Frontier approach
    Specify custom asset allocation mixes
    After determining the basic portfolio allocation, generate an Investment Policy Statement with your recommendation to review with clients.
    Generate customised hypotheticals
    Support strategies and recommendations by back-testing portfolio performance over a selected period
    Use sophisticated functionality to accommodate complex scenarios involving multiple fund portfolios, systematic contributions and withdrawals, and customised fee structures
    Morningstar hypothetical reports can highlight a security’s historical performance in isolation, in comparison with competing funds, or in the context of its contribution to the overall performance of a portfolio. They are the only reports in the industry to incorporate underlying holdings to show performance with relevant asset allocation, sector weightings, and style diversification information.
    Use flexible inputs and communicate consistently
    Access preset asset class projections
    Add your firm’s asset class assumptions
    Generate reports
    Whatever asset allocation approach you choose, you remain in control of the asset allocations themselves and the performance assumptions used. For your convenience, Adviser Workstation is preset to Morningstar’s own asset class projections, but you can override these settings with your firm’s preferred asset class assumptions. With all three approaches you can create detailed, customisable reports.
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