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  • Morningstar® Adviser Workstation™ Office Edition features extensive reporting capabilities for developing presentations, advising clients, and presenting performance results. Best of all, the reports are full of the Morningstar features that your clients understand and look for—the Morningstar Rating™, the Morningstar Style Box™, and Morningstar Sectors. And with the Archive Service, you can safely store client communications and other information to comply with industry regulations.
  • What you can do:
    Create well-illustrated, colorful reports with iconic Morningstar graphic
    Create well-illustrated, colorful reports with iconic Morningstar graphics
    Generate Microsoft <span class="registered">®</span> Word documents and PDF files for ease of printing and distribution
    Easily create reports for any investment in the Adviser Workstation database using the intuitive interface. All reports are generated as PDF files to share with clients and prospects.
    Retain client communications with Archive Service
    Access reports
    Store and retrieve up to six years of records
    No additional hardware or software required
    Adviser Workstation's secure centralised storage archive makes it easier to save and find past client correspondence and information. Your standard Adviser Workstation subscription includes access to archived communications for one year or until you’ve filled 1 GB of disk space, whichever comes first. With the Archive Service, you can purchase increments of 10 GB worth of information dating back six years to store and retrieve as needed. Morningstar will also produce a CD-ROM or DVD of stored client communications and mail it to you for convenient access in the future.
    Maintain a collection of reports
    Morningstar Summary Report
    Portfolio X-Ray <span class="registered">®</span>
    Stock Intersection™
    Consolidated Account Statement
    Every report you create is saved on your hard drive for future use.
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