Morningstar Advantages
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  • Morningstar Advantages
    With Morningstar Reporting Solutions, clients can leverage our experience with data collection, analysis, and investor communications to deliver comprehensive and expertly designed reports. We also provide an objective perspective that supports a higher level of investor confidence, awareness, and involvement.
  • Consistent information: Data and analysis across investments
    Reports are available for almost any investment type, including private funds, allowing for easy comparisons of investment options. Powered by Morningstar’s high-quality data, reports can include key performance, portfolio, and operations information to help investors and advisers evaluate investment offerings. Clients are also able to seamlessly integrate proprietary commentary, research and data into each report.
    Information design expertise: Accessible and intuitive
    Since the 1980s, Morningstar has made complex financial data easy to understand, because we believe this empowers people to make more intelligent investment decisions.
    Dedicated support: From consultation to implementation
    Regardless of the route clients take to create their Reports, Morningstar’s product team is on hand to help. From email and phone support to training opportunities and consultations, our dedicated support specialists guide clients through all aspects of creation and production.
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