• It is now mandatory for asset management firms to have published a Key Investor Information Document for all UCITS funds. This pre-contractual document was introduced to help investors understand the nature and risks of investment products.

    Across Europe, Morningstar helps firms overcome the challenges associated with delivering these compliant documents to investors, media partners, and fund distributors. We offer not only data, but proven expertise in creating communications investors recognise and trust.

    Through our long history of producing fact sheets and other communications for clients, we’ve developed time-tested systems for producing large volumes of financial materials. Firms turn to us for a cost-effective, outsourced KIID solution or to support internal processes, so they can focus on their top priority—their clients.
  • KIID Production Support for Asset Management Firms
    Outsourced KIID Production
    Morningstar offers asset management firms an integrated production system for Key Investor Information Documents that streamlines the generation, approval, and distribution processes. This fully hosted solution can be customised to reflect a client’s brand. Other features include:
    A web-based administration interface, requiring no hardware installation
    A built-in system offering access at various steps of the document management process to a production manager, data manager, translator, and reviewer
    A dashboard view of all current production runs and alerts
    Timely data fed directly from the Morningstar database that sets off alerts to relevant changes
    Ability to integrate data from third-party or internal sources
    All the mandatory data and calculated risk grades including the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) calculation
    Morningstar KIID-compliant template ready to support multiple languages, or a unique template built to a client’s specifications
    Ongoing monitoring and updating of the documents to reflect material changes to funds
    Production of both print-ready and electronic materials
    Documents can be distributed for internal or external audiences via third-party systems, internal company systems, Morningstar <span class="registered">®</span> Document Library™, API, FTP, or for email delivery
    Document verification with a full audit trail
    Internal Support for KIID Production
    Asset management firms can also use Morningstar products to support their in-house efforts to produce Key Investor Information Documents. Options include:
    A KIID portal hosted by Morningstar that can be integrated into a client’s website
    A data feed of the information required in Key Investor Information Documents
    UCITS Data Covered
    The Morningstar database includes key data required in the Key Investor Information Document for all types of UCITS funds including:
    Funds of funds
    Lifecycle funds
    Master feeder funds
    Multiple share classes, including currency hedged and currency quoted funds
    Structured funds
    Total and absolute return funds
    Umbrella funds
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