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  • Our asset allocation capabilities draw on decades of ground-breaking asset allocation research and years of capital markets data. We can use innovative combinations of strategic and tactical asset allocation principles to provide investors with new ways to manage challenges such as increasing volatility and risk. We apply our asset allocation capabilities to create customised investment solutions for advisers and institutions, as well as the Morningstar Managed Portfolios™ for advisers.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
    Morningstar Investment Management’s long-term and strategic asset allocation methodologies are based on the view that the most appropriate portfolio is one designed to maximise the probability of meeting its financial goals. Focusing on the investor’s requirements, we build upon concepts that we have refined through decades of asset allocation research, using capital market assumptions as a foundation.
    Tactical Asset Allocation
    The Morningstar Investment Management division creates innovative tactical asset allocations to anticipate the volatility arising from global capital market conditions. We use these asset allocations in solutions to manage the risk levels of portfolios.
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