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  • The Morningstar analyst team, which benefits from access to comprehensive investment data from Morningstar, Inc., is one of the largest and most experienced fund research teams in the UK market. Morningstar Investment Management leverages this wealth of research, as well as regular face-to-face meetings with investment managers, to identify what we believe to be the high-quality funds that best reflect our clients’ business needs within the investment solutions we provide them.
  • Quantitative Screening
    Morningstar applies quantitative screens across the data collected by Morningstar, Inc. on hundreds of thousands of investments worldwide to filter the appropriate investment types. We use this information to establish an initial “quality threshold” and eliminate investments that we believe are unlikely to meet our minimum standards for performance, style and expenses. Quantitative analysis supports the deep understanding of funds that comes from our qualitative research process.
    Qualitative Analysis
    Our qualitative analysis requires exhaustive research and face-to-face meetings with fund managers and other relevant fund company personnel. In our fundamental assessment, we review characteristics of both the fund and its manager that are important to understanding not only its quality, but also its ability to fill a desired and distinct role within a portfolio. Morningstar analysts use a consistent methodology to evaluate funds based on five key pillars: the fund’s process, performance, people, parent and price.

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    Ongoing Fund Monitoring
    We believe that the intensity of Morningstar analysts’ research and their access to fund managers sets them apart and plays a critical role in helping maintain the quality of the research. Their research process is ongoing and requires quarterly face-to-face meetings with managers. The Morningstar analyst team also conducts monthly sector reviews of investments and maintains a watchlist of investment products to potentially assess. Funds are subject to immediate qualitative review when they appear to have strayed from their investment style; they experience management or organisational changes; they fail quantitative screens; or they experience declines in their performance or risk rankings.
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