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  • Morningstar Investment Management combines its innovative approach to asset allocation with the knowledge gained from the Morningstar, Inc. industry-leading qualitative fund research to construct risk-appropriate portfolios. Our independence allows us to assemble portfolios of investments that are suitable for a broad range of investors’ needs. In addition to offering portfolio construction capabilities through our bespoke investment consulting services, we also put these capabilities to use in our Morningstar Managed Portfolios™ for advisers.
  • Risk-Based Portfolio Construction
    Morningstar Investment Management constructs portfolios to meet specific risk profiles, often defined by our clients, using Morningstar fund research as a foundation. As we construct portfolios, we carefully select and blend funds to achieve diversification with an optimised balance between risk and return. We take a longer-term view when choosing funds for portfolios and give due consideration to current market cycles. Our analysis of market drivers, covered in our monthly Global Investment Strategy Report, shapes our approach to portfolio design.

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