Data Licenses
Investment Types and Regional Coverage
Data Quality
  • Quality investment data is the core of Morningstar's business. Morningstar uses proprietary screens and quality assurance tests at each stage—from collection to delivery—to provide the cleanest information to our clients. Update availability ranges from daily to quarterly. Clients can select the most appropriate update schedule.
  • Collection procedures: Primary sources and proactive involvement
    Nearly all data is collected directly from the source—not just from public filings. Morningstar also works proactively with European investment money managers to continuously update Morningstar databases. Most fund companies send portfolio information directly to Morningstar on a monthly or quarterly basis. And to expedite data collection and processing, exclusive technology assures there is virtually no backlog for uploading data into Morningstar systems.
    Data processing: Experienced analysts and specialised technology
    Morningstar Quality Assurance data analysts use a proprietary application to view, edit, and update data. Quality assurance tests are performed at each level, including raw and calculated data, production, and output. Systems also allow analysts to identify irregularities, such as incorrect formatting, outdated or incomplete data, and performance discrepancies, so that issues can be resolved before they are published in the Morningstar database.
    Active monitoring: Pinpointing and correcting errors
    Morningstar’s Quality Assurance Monitoring System monitors and tracks all reported errors. Issues are isolated, reviewed, and corrected by product, client, reporting entity, database location, or data point. Results are reviewed regularly, with tests and course of action refined as appropriate.
    Continuous improvement: Insight shapes innovation
    Morningstar regularly benchmarks its data against other leading data providers. In addition, annual institutional client surveys provide direct insight into how data is used and where changes can improve the value of data feeds for clients.
    Service and support: Helping each client receive the right solution
    Morningstar® Data feeds are designed to work effortlessly within your business operations. Data feeds include the data necessary to support a range of applications, and are delivered using state-of-the-art technology. Dedicated sales and relationship managers and a skilled implementation staff support each Data client.

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