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  • Solomon Nevins
    Investment Analyst

    Architas is a UK-based investment company that provides a range of multi-manager solutions. It is a member of the global AXA group, a leader in financial protection and wealth management.
  • Architas
  • One efficient system
    Architas is a multi-manager within the AXA group. On the investment team, we are responsible for analysing external mutual funds and creating portfolios for retail investors, as well as managing insurance or pension money for institutional clients. A few years ago, we learned that our financial software and data system were to be retired, so we initiated a search for a replacement. We concluded that Morningstar Direct™ was more complete and of better value.

    Once the investment team selected Morningstar Direct, Architas rolled it out across several departments in one go. With everybody using the same system, it's obviously more efficient for sharing reports and other information, and it makes sharing knowledge a lot easier.


  • A clear picture of investment style
    Morningstar Direct allows us to visually depict how our portfolios are positioned on the Morningstar Style Box™ and how one of the firm’s investment solutions could contribute to a diversified portfolio. It plays an important role in strategically positioning our offerings.

    Morningstar Direct has helped enhance the conversations I have with distribution partners. I can get a better understanding of their true portfolio composition when I create a style map or style trail. I can see if a distribution partner has a concentration in a certain market cap or style, or if a fund actually does what it promises to do. Morningstar Direct gives me an efficient way to repackage “a thousand words” into one strong picture that tells the whole story. I can then show a distribution partner how our portfolio
  • Architas
  • complements their portfolio. This is a very powerful message.

    Common goals
    AllianceBernstein and Morningstar share a common goal: to improve investor outcomes. We believe that Morningstar Direct enables us to help our distribution partners more effectively reach their long-term goals. It’s an excellent tool.

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