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  • Allan Møller
    Head of Fund Selection
    With assistance from Rebecca Cederstand
    Fund Analyst
    Danske Capital, Group Wealth Management

    Danske Capital, a subsidiary of Danske Bank, is a leading asset manager serving corporate and institutional clients in the Nordic countries.
  • Danske Bank
  • Product development and distribution
    In the Fund Selection group at Danske Capital, we play a central role in creating and developing products, and we internally recommend products for the retail and pension distribution networks. Our team does all the research to optimise Danske Bank’s internal fund platforms, used most frequently by our asset allocation specialists.

    Impressive capabilities
    When our data vendor in 2010 told us they were launching a new version of their system, we decided to find out what other vendors could offer in terms of both handling and presenting data. Morningstar Direct™ had just entered the Danish market and impressed us with its presentation capabilities, the likes of which we hadn’t seen elsewhere.
  • Easy-to-prepare presentations
    We produce more than 100 performance reports on a monthly basis. Before we migrated to Morningstar Direct, we exported raw data from our data vendor and maintained an extensive Excel VBA setup for producing performance reports. Today, we produce these reports through the Presentation Studio module in Morningstar Direct. The reports are set up in a batch job, which runs with a single click.

    We no longer have to maintain an internally developed system, and the monthly report production is much more automated. Data importing and exporting, which can often be a source of errors, is reduced. Presentation Studio allows for easy modifications, so we can continually develop and modify our performance reports.
  • Allan-Moller_Danske-Capital
  • Flexible customisation options
    Because we calculate a number of internal key figures on a monthly basis, we do still need to export some raw data. This is done easily and efficiently with batch jobs in Morningstar Direct. It’s a big advantage that we can import our own calculations back into Morningstar Direct, to then be included in our monthly performance reports.
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