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  • Linda Molenda
    Senior Vice President, Investments
    Harbor Capital Advisors
    Toledo, Ohio, U.S.

    Harbor Capital Advisors is an investment adviser providing management services to its Harbor Fund. Harbor Capital Advisors establishes the investment strategies of individual funds and selects subadvisers to manage fund portfolios.
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  • The importance of peer analysis
    We use Morningstar Direct™ to fulfill our Section 15C obligations. We put together peer group reports comparing the expense components and performance of our funds to other funds that are similar in style and objectives. These reports are used as a gauge to measure the fund—averages, medians, etc.—as these things are very important to a trustee when evaluating the fund. These reports help the trustees fulfill their oversight role to monitor the funds.

    Finding superior subadvisers
    Another one of our responsibilities is to identify good subadvisers. If we’re doing a manager study, a study of a particular investment discipline, we like to take a look at those
  • portfolios and see how they compare to ours and what benefits a product like this would have for our shareholders.

    Opportunities for innovation
    We continue to better use the information that Morningstar Direct provides to prepare different types of reports. This gives the team a chance to innovate and enhance our contribution to the organisation.

    Timely data drives efficiency
    As soon as the data is updated in Morningstar’s database, we can use that data in our reports and analysis. We don’t want to be using last quarter’s or even last month’s data. We want the data we’re presenting to be as fresh as possible.
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  • Before we implemented Morningstar Direct our process was very complicated. Morningstar Direct just makes our jobs so much easier.
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