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  • Fabrice Irtelli
    Reporting Manager
    Palatine Asset Management
    Paris, France

    Palatine Asset Management specialises in investment and asset management for small and mid-sized French companies. It is a subsidiary of Banque Palatine, part of France’s second-largest bank Groupe BPCE.
  • Palatine Asset Management
  • A seamless migration
    My team analyses data and produces reports for internal use and external marketing. When we were first introduced to Morningstar Direct™, we could tell the Morningstar team was keen to help us streamline our workflow. They assured us that our clients would not notice our migration to Morningstar Direct-and they were true to their word. When we began using Presentation Studio, Morningstar's team showed us how to quickly and easily recreate the types of presentations our clients were used to seeing.

    More agile and transparent
    With Morningstar Direct, we could consolidate the two software programs we were using to one, delivering important cost savings for our small company. Morningstar Direct gives us an agility that larger providers lack, allowing us to respond to client demands even more quickly.
  • Today’s clients want to understand the risks of exposure to emerging markets inherent in certain countries’ debt issues. Morningstar Direct gives us transparency via information like underlying holdings data at our fingertips. We can quickly provide answers to clients’ risk questions, which helps us gain their confidence and ongoing business.

    Our clients and our own managers value the performance attribution reports we create in Morningstar Direct. It’s useless if we throw a bunch of figures at our clients if they can’t understand the critical information within five minutes. With these at-a-glance reports, they can understand the data immediately. Our managers can refer to a summarised data table. They don’t have to sift through multiple spreadsheets to answer a client’s question.
  • Palatine_Fabrice-IRTELLI
  • Local and responsive
    Morningstar listens to our feedback and suggestions to enhance the software, often in the very next version. They don’t treat us like a small client. Their physical presence in Paris and French-speaking contacts are tremendously helpful, as is the French version of the software.
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