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  • Building on a foundation of independent research and a deep understanding of the investment industry, Morningstar Investment Management has the resources, knowledge and experience to deliver differentiated investment solutions that meet the diverse needs of institutions and their clients. We have established strong relationships while working with financial services providers including asset managers, investment and wrap platforms, life companies, pension providers and wealth managers. Applying our knowledge of individual investors and the financial adviser market, we advise institutions on how to align their investment propositions to better serve investor and adviser needs.
  • Model Portfolios for Institutions
    Morningstar Investment Management designs model portfolios for institutions based on our independent research, placing us in a unique position to help firms comply with regulatory changes such as the RDR and better align their products with adviser needs. Every model is individually created and integrated with the client’s business model. Not only do our model portfolios increase operational efficiency, they also establish a consistent end-to-end investment process that can begin with a risk questionnaire through to building portfolios of appropriate funds.
    Guided Architecture for Institutions
    Morningstar Investment Management has been instrumental in developing investment propositions and external fund ranges, or guided architecture, for financial institutions. Outsourcing the design of guided architecture to Morningstar Investment Management allows firms to benefit from operational efficiencies while maintaining control over their investment offering. Through our independent view and extensive knowledge of the UK investment management industry, we build manageable and appropriate ranges of third-party funds for our clients’ investment propositions and help institutions manage these ranges on an ongoing basis. Our guided architecture services include regular independent and impartial reporting on each of the funds in the range so that our clients can keep their own clients informed.
    Governance for Institutions
    Morningstar Investment Management provides support for all aspects of the investment proposition including extensive reporting capabilities to help institutions meet their governance needs. We work with financial institutions to conduct ongoing due diligence on investments, monitoring their performance and changes from quarter to quarter. We look at how well financial products are conforming to an investment mandate, any changes in risk and whether the products are meeting their benchmarks. We bring an independent perspective and credibility to the governance process, underscored in the regular reports we deliver to our clients. Through our in-depth knowledge of the investment industry we help put the market into context for our clients.
    Consulting Services Delivered Via Online Tools
    Available on a spectrum from standard to completely custom, Morningstar® Integrated Web Tools™ are components that can help increase website traffic and engage visitors. Solutions range from ready-to-integrate tools, to web service delivery, to custom workflows that Morningstar, Inc. designs, builds and implements to meet a firm’s specific needs. A variety of these tools can deliver consulting services from Morningstar Investment Management, including a risk-tolerance tool, Quickrank for funds and products, Morningstar® Instant X-Ray™ and other portfolio evaluation tools.

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    Sub-Advisory Services 
    Morningstar Investment Management supplies sub-advisory services to fund managers, including asset allocation, fund selection and suggested portfolio construction. This approach assists product providers and fund managers in presenting fund solutions that use Morningstar Investment Management's extensive asset allocation experience and independent and impartial fund research. Morningstar Investment Management has assisted many providers and managers with mandate design that helps deliver appealing investment propositions customised to their needs and product offerings.
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