Step-By-Step Process
Portfolio Construction
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  • Advisers begin the portfolio construction process in Morningstar® Portfolio Builder™ with a risk-tolerance questionnaire. The client’s resulting risk profile leads to an asset allocation model that’s suitable for that investor. Based on that model, advisers are presented with a choice of pre-defined fund-level model portfolios to save time. Firms can specify the asset allocation models, investment portfolios, and the securities available to recommend.
  • Asset allocations: Models matched to a risk score
    Portfolio Builder’s risk-tolerance questionnaire is the foundation that helps advisers construct suitable portfolios for each client. A client’s risk profile is automatically matched with an appropriate asset allocation model. Firms can modify the risk-tolerance questionnaire or Morningstar’s standard asset allocation models to meet their investment policies. They also can give advisers the capability to modify allocations based on the client’s needs.
    Investment portfolio options: Pre-built or user-defined portfolios
    For quick portfolio construction, advisers can choose from a series of firm-defined investment portfolios, or they can create their own and save them for future reference. Firm-defined portfolios help advisers choose professionally built portfolios without having to invest the time and research into selecting funds on their own. Firms can provide Morningstar with their model portfolios or they can work with one of Morningstar’s consulting groups to construct custom versions. Firms that allow advisers to assemble their own portfolios can limit access to specific investments.
    Comprehensive resources: Support for adviser recommendations
    Advisers using Portfolio Builder can turn to a host of Morningstar resources, from research and data to tools and reports, to help them make the best recommendations. Built-in filtering capabilities help advisers search for suitable investments by fund family, fund category, Morningstar Rating™, and performance criteria. Once they find investments, Portfolio Builder allows advisers to rebalance, add, or delete holdings and instantly see how the proposed changes affect the portfolio composition. They can then use the Portfolio X-Ray® Report to share the results of these adjustments with clients.
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