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  • Advisers can quickly generate compelling portfolio proposals for their clients with Morningstar® Portfolio Builder™. Assembled from a series of Morningstar reports, the proposals distill complex financial information into easy-to-understand summaries and side-by-side comparisons for investors. All reports include appropriate disclosures. For a consistent approach, firms can create a standardised proposal format that includes a company logo and promotional materials.
  • What you can do:
  • Prepare client-focused proposals with these reports:
    Target Asset Allocation Report
    Present the target asset allocation generated based on the results of the investor’s risk questionnaire in a straightforward report.
    Portfolio Builder - Proposals
    Portfolio Comparison Report
    Display a side-by-side comparison of the asset mix, sector analysis, regional exposure, historical statistics, and portfolio statistics for both current and proposed portfolios to help clients understand the benefits of making a change.
    Portfolio Builder - Proposals
    Portfolio X-Ray® Report
    Summarise a client’s portfolio in Morningstar’s classic one-page report. The X-Ray Report provides an at-a-glance view into a portfolio’s asset allocation, investment style, stock sectors, regional exposure, and top holdings.
    Portfolio Builder - Proposals
    Stock Intersection™ Report
    Identify cumulative exposure to individual equities based on the underlying holdings of the managed products in a portfolio to help clients understand where their investments overlap.
    Portfolio Builder - Proposals
    Investment Detail™ Report
    Highlight key performance, investment style, portfolio, and operations information for a specific investment in a single-page, client-ready format.
    Portfolio Builder - Proposals
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