• Each year, Morningstar and Barron’s conduct a survey on the perception and use of alternative investments among institutions and financial advisors. This year’s findings revealed that growth rates for alternative funds have slowed but still remain the highest compared to any other Morningstar Category. Alternative fund launches also reached their highest level in 2014, as more companies sought entry into this rapidly growing asset class. Multi-strategy funds are also a top choice for allocations among both institutions and advisors, coinciding with an increased number of options in the multialternative category. Download the full survey results now.

    Morningstar experts shared their insights on the major findings of the survey and how they connect to alternative investment trends in a recent webinar. View the presentation slides.
  • For Financial Advisors

    Morningstar provides data, insights, and tools to help advisors research and select appropriate alternative investments. Through advisor platforms, we deliver independent analyst reports and ratings on investments across asset classes, including 75 to 80 strategies that cover about 70 percent of mutual funds in the alternative category by assets. Our alternative index solutions, which include commodity and hedge fund indexes, serve as appropriate benchmarks. With our ByAllAccounts service, Morningstar also can aggregate alternative investment data and deliver it to portfolio accounting platforms.

    For Institutional Investors

    Morningstar delivers top-notch alternatives research for institutions that are seeking to support and educate their representatives in the field. Our research is integrated into our data, platforms, and tools, helping product development professionals understand the alternatives landscape.

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