• Working at Morningstar
  • We’re an ambitious group, driven by our passion to make investing better. Imagining the next big thing is in our blood—it’s transformed us from a company with just a few employees in 1984 to a leading independent investment research company with a worldwide presence today.
  • Morningstar Culture
    There are no corner offices in our Chicago headquarters. In fact, there are no offices at all. At Morningstar, our open environment reflects our belief that anyone at any level can voice their ideas and take part in making them happen. You’ll see little of the typical corporate hierarchy here, with no rigid structures or barriers between people or teams. Morningstar employees enjoy a fluid work environment where they are given both the resources and opportunities to pursue a fulfilling career.

    Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Morningstar employees are not only part of a team, they also think like entrepreneurs. Our employees are energized by the prospect of helping investors around the world, so they’re always exploring new ways to do this through our products, research, and innovations. Across Morningstar’s groups and global offices, we rely on every individual to contribute their ideas and perspectives to help us continually improve how we serve investors.

    Career Path Possibilities
    We’ve got a different idea of what a career should look like at Morningstar. Along with moving up, we value moving around—bringing different perspectives to new roles, new teams, in new places. That’s part of what keeps us entrepreneurial and agile. As our company evolves and adapts to serve investors, so do our career paths and the opportunities they offer.

  • Global Presence
    Your career path may take you to another group at Morningstar or to another country. Borders don’t exist between our offices. You may collaborate on a project with someone halfway around the world. Or you may travel to another office to help that team in person. We’ve been building our presence to serve more investors in more countries around the globe. With offices on six continents, there are plenty of places you can go.

    After Work
    Working hard gives us reasons to celebrate. Social events go on in our offices all year round. Whether it’s our own version of the Olympics, a talent show, Bring Your Kids to Work Day, or various holiday parties—we make sure to find time to relax and have fun.

    Giving Back
    Morningstar encourages employees to volunteer their time and talents to give back to the community, and we provide a platform to champion various causes. For most of our outreach programs, we apply our knowledge to promote education and develop a higher level of financial literacy among young people. Morningstar has an Employee Volunteerism Team that shapes our current initiatives, which range from student mentoring to sponsorships of local schools. Joining in these efforts brings us together as we see, first-hand, the direct benefits of doing something good.

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    Morningstar offers opportunities to work worldwide with colleagues from a variety of countries.


    Our offices are designed for collaboration, featuring open and flexible workspaces.


    We provide ongoing training and education, as well as opportunities to hear from senior leaders.


    We’re serious, but we also like to have serious fun at all types of social events.


    Morningstar supports programs to help develop financial literacy among young people.

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