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    "Great People" is one of Morningstar's core values, and when it comes to our people, our differences are our strength. We cultivate an inclusive environment and value new ideas. We respect the thinking that comes from our employees' unique backgrounds, skills, perspectives, and experiences. We're a global company with employees who reflect the diversity of the clients and markets we serve. As investors benefit from maintaining diverse portfolios, Morningstar is strengthened by the contributions of our diverse workforce.

  • Diverse Perspectives
    People who are smart, hard-working, curious, and creative excel at Morningstar. Our people are passionate about our mission to create great products that help investors reach their financial goals. Because we value new ideas, we hire a diverse range of individuals with unique backgrounds, skills, and experiences. The fact that we don't all think the same way encourages lively debate, inspires thought leadership, and helps us create better solutions for our clients. Our people are the foundation of Morningstar's culture and make this a great place to build a career. Every person here matters and contributes to our success, so we welcome their unique perspectives.

    Welcoming Differences
    We celebrate both our individual differences and our unity as One Morningstar. It happens all over the world: Chicago adventurers sharing their stories in an employee travel group; the Mumbai office honoring India's Independence Day; a Mid-Autumn Festival gathering in Shenzhen; our Toronto office holding a forum and celebration supporting LGBT Pride; or hundreds of employees worldwide competing in the Morningstar Olympics.

    Global Culture 
    Morningstar is global. What started as a one-man operation out of founder and CEO Joe Mansueto's apartment in 1984 is now a leading provider of independent investment research with thousands of employees in countries on six continents. Our clients around the world include individual investors, financial advisors, and institutions. Because of the varied insights and abilities of our global workforce, we're better positioned to understand our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

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