• How Morningstar Helps Alliances and Redistributors
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  • Enhance Solutions With Quality Content

    Financial platforms come to Morningstar for access to one of the largest and highest-quality global investment databases in the industry, including extensive coverage of equities, funds, and alternative investments. They also license award-winning investment research and editorial generated by our hundreds of equity and fund analysts. We can easily integrate any actionable commentary, articles, and independent data into third-party systems or our configurable online tools. We also offer solutions for regulatory challenges, helping platforms build in services such as white-labeled document management for fee disclosure and compliance needs. Clients use our investment data and analysis to differentiate their products and drive business growth.

    • Build Trust With the Morningstar Brand

      Alliances and redistributors validate their research, due diligence, compliance, and reporting tools by integrating Morningstar’s trusted, independent brand. Investors turn to our fiercely independent approach to investment research and proprietary analytics for their objective insights. Our extensive data, tools, research, and communication materials help our clients connect with their users, whether they are institutions, advisors, or individual investors.

      • Create and Support Effective Workflows

        To meet investor and advisor needs, we build streamlined workflows ranging from end-to-end solutions to configurable components powered by our data, research, and content. We continuously innovate to address regulatory requirements, take advantage of new technologies, and pass these improvements along to our clients. We’ll help you quickly implement new ideas and processes, applying our experience delivering services across technologies from APIs to mobile devices.

        • Shape Sound Investment Strategies

          Our investment experts focus on solving real-world problems for investors. Starting with our understanding of how advisors serve investors, we apply our technology, communication design, and investment knowledge to help clients deliver sound financial planning services. Our clients incorporate Morningstar offerings ranging from economic outlooks, to capital market assumptions, asset-class models, and model portfolios. Tools and services are available to assess each investor’s appetite for risk and capital accumulation requirements, as well as to help meet your fiduciary obligations.

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