• How Morningstar Helps Financial Advisors
  • How Morningstar Helps Financial Advisors
  • Build Lasting Client Relationships

    We’ll give you the tools to help you communicate your value and establish lifelong relationships with clients, from creating customized proposals and hypothetical illustrations to presenting performance updates and recommended strategy shifts. Industry-standard Morningstar reports help clients understand their existing assets and what they could achieve with your investment expertise. With our data aggregation services, you’ll have the complete view of your clients’ investments that you need to offer holistic advice. Our products also integrate with third-party advisor platforms, giving you seamless access to updated client information across the tools you use daily.

    • Take the Pain Out of Practice Management

      Many of the essential processes for your practice also take time away that you could be spending with clients. Our platforms streamline necessary tasks such as portfolio accounting and performance reporting through features like an easy-to-access client web portal for delivering client reports. Advisors turn to us to process millions of client portfolios each week through our back office services, eliminating hours of tedious data entry. All of this adds up to the freedom to focus on what truly helps you enhance your business.

      • Optimize Portfolio Performance

        With our tools, advisors have everything they need to construct, analyze, and monitor client portfolios. Our solutions are built on a legacy of asset class research that we apply to help advisors reallocate portfolios or build new ones using our strategies or model portfolios on third-party advisor platforms. Advisors who choose to outsource portfolio management can efficiently serve client segments with a lineup of investment choices actively managed by the Morningstar Investment Services team.

        • Reinforce Your Recommendations

          We’re here with the data and independent analyst reports you need to back up your investment research and security selection process. For due diligence support, our offerings generate a clear audit trail and help you evaluate whether managers are behaving the way you anticipated. Whether you’re creating proposals for prospects or suggesting portfolio changes to clients, we’ll help you present your insights powerfully with investor education materials and FINRA-reviewed Morningstar reports.

          • Morningstar Advisor Platforms 

            Available in customized versions for leading firms, this platform helps advisors analyze client portfolios and create compelling reports in a few simple steps.More

            Independent financial advisors use our practice management system to streamline everything from investment research to portfolio accounting and performance reporting.More

            Uniting Morningstar’s complete global data and institutional research with rigorous analytics, this platform offers advisors advanced portfolio optimization and reporting capabilities.More

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