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  • Leveraging Morningstar’s unrivaled experience in financial research and analysis, the Article Library provides the latest financial commentary and analysis on relevant investment issues. Use Morningstar articles to create an independent and compelling newsletter or as a supplement to an in-house publishing initiative. With new FINRA-reviewed Morningstar articles added to the online library each month, you can give clients and prospects insight on financial markets, outline investment strategies, and recap the most recent economic activity—raising your overall brand awareness.
  • Key Features
    For simple rebranding and seamless incorporation into derivative materials, all articles are provided in editable and ready to-use formats, including Microsoft Word and EPS
    Articles and market commentary are added to the Newsletter Library on a monthly basis. Content additions include existing article updates, as well as new article creation
    All articles are professionally edited and range in length from 220 words to more than 600 words

    Article topics include:

    • Personal finance
    • Retirement planning
    • Asset allocation
    • Retirement income
    • Diversification
    • Market commentary
    • Morningstar Markets Observer, a quarterly and comprehensive presentation with views of past, present, and future trends
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