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  • Working With Investment Advisory
    Guided by our rigorous research, we deliver solutions built on leading methodologies to help the financial institutions we work with differentiate themselves from competitors. Our independence allows us to create solutions designed to benefit the investors who have entrusted their financial outcomes to our clients. We strive to improve how institutions serve their clients through our disciplined investment process, marketing materials that resonate with investors while helping communicate complex investment concepts, and strategies to help meet accumulation, income, or retirement goals.
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  • Groundbreaking Research 
    All of our solutions are built on a solid foundation of research, both through the groundbreaking asset allocation studies we have done in the past and the ideas we are dedicated to pursuing in the future. To date, our asset allocation techniques have received two patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and we have been recognized with 10 Graham and Dodd Awards by the CFA Institute’s Financial Analysts Journal. Because research is so vital to everything we do, we maintain an in-house research team that dedicates its work to enhancing our methodologies and solving real-world problems for investors.
    Our People 
    Working in our global offices, our investment professionals apply their local-market knowledge to build and manage solutions appropriate for clients in their regions. Each of our investment professionals has, on average, more than 10 years of industry experience. Nearly all have an advanced degree (such as a Ph.D. or MBA), a Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, or often both. Our team is in demand, as members of industry committees and review boards, as speakers at conferences, and as a resource for journalists seeking opinions on investment topics.
    Our Independence 
    Through our independence, we bring a different perspective to investment consulting and management. Clients appreciate our unbiased point of view and the fact that we’re not influenced by relationships with investment product providers. Instead we select investments based on what we believe will lead to sound portfolios that are appropriate for the investor.
    The Depth and Quality of Our Resources 
    Access to quality data and research from Morningstar, Inc. gives us a distinct advantage. Covering timely information on hundreds of thousands of investments around the world, the Morningstar, Inc. database is one of the industry’s largest. Its investment holdings data reveals valuable insights for portfolio analysis. Our team of investment professionals uses a refined manager research process, allowing us to recommend what we believe to be a high-quality, relevant, and continually monitored range of strategies drawn from all sectors. As part of this process, each year our team interviews hundreds of managers to discuss their investment processes and discern important style nuances.
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