• Quality Leaders at Morningstar
  • Brian Cullen
    Head of Products, EMEA
    Chicago, U.S.A.
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  • Quality Leaders at Morningstar
  • The pursuit of quality at Morningstar is deeply ingrained in our culture and a key part of the value we bring our clients. Many of our quality leaders and members of our Quality team have come from organizations known for their strong quality methodologies and practices, including maintaining autonomous quality teams that oversee the company’s quality efforts. We hired our first chief quality officer to join our executive team when we launched our formal Quality Program in 2004 and have continued building a team of quality professionals since then.
  • About the Quality Team
  • Led by our chief quality officer, the independent Quality team coaches and mentors Morningstar employees about the four pillars of the Morningstar Quality Program—measure, build, own, and sustain. This helps us effectively deliver quality data, products, and services to the marketplace. Members of our Quality team teach employees how to use tools such as Lean Six Sigma to drive continuous improvement, deepen our client focus, and achieve lasting process excellence company-wide. Acting as an independent group, the Quality team provides objective and unbiased assessments of how our processes are performing.
  • Our Quality Culture
  • Morningstar’s Lean Six Sigma leaders embrace quality, acting as the champions for our clients and constantly raising our quality standards. They help us maintain an atmosphere of learning and collaboration, sharing their knowledge by cultivating teams of internal experts who embody our quality principles. These individuals have an opportunity to work closely with our business leaders and employees at all levels to help shape, plan, and execute our continuous improvement initiatives. We celebrate quality and recognize individuals who have made outstanding improvements through our Quality Awards. Teams that receive an Achievement Award have done outstanding work to drive continuous and significant improvements to a business process. The individuals who receive Leadership Awards have demonstrated a passion for quality, going above and beyond to adopt and promote quality at Morningstar.
  • Quality Employee Stories

    Shobhit Sinha
    Regional Operations Manager
    Mumbai, India

    Franklin Lai
    Associate DA Manager
    Shenzhen, China

    Brian Cullen
    Head of Products, EMEA
    Chicago, U.S.A.

    Tony Xie
    Product Manager
    Chicago, U.S.A.
  • Quality Award Winners

    Lisa is a true champion for quality who drove lasting improvements in our portfolio processing.


    As a result of this project, 98% of portfolios are accurately processed within 24 hours.


    Brian successfully implemented a company-wide data change and drove group collaboration.


    Accuracy improvement gains of more than 30% delighted our clients.


    A streamlined process led to accuracy of greater than 99% when we map documents to the appropriate investments.


    An enhanced process allowed our transcription team to cover 40% more earnings calls.


    Through this improvement filings are processed within 24 hours, even in peak filing season.

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