• Morningstar Benefits for UK Employees
  • Compensation at Morningstar is more than a salary. It’s about making positive contributions to both life and work. We give our diverse workforce the choice and flexibility they need to maintain their health, retirement plans, time and professional growth.
  • Health and Welfare Plans
    Morningstar covers the full premium for private medical insurance for employees and extends the opportunity to purchase coverage for your partner, spouse and dependent children while benefiting from our group premiums. Work/life support services are available to employees and their dependents 24 hours a day through an independent Employee Assistance Programme. Employees can also keep fit through a subsidised health club membership.

    Morningstar encourages the use of sustainable transport to promote a healthy environment and workplace through our Cycle to Work Scheme. Employees may hire a bike for 12 months through our approved vendor via salary sacrifice from pre-tax earnings, resulting in lowered tax and National Insurance contributions. At the end of the year, employees may either return the bike or purchase it for fair market value. We also offer interest-free loans each tax year to purchase a season ticket for rail, tube or bus travel.

    Equity and Bonus
    We believe in recognising outstanding work with both short- and long-term rewards. Driven by our financial success, Morningstar’s yearly bonus plan acknowledges individual and collaborative contributions to our company’s growth. When our employees perform like company owners, we can also grant them equity in the form of restricted stock units, directly connecting their awards with our performance.

    Group Pension Plan
    Morningstar provides a contributory Group Personal Pension to all UK employees through an adviser with a competitive range of funds. The pension plan is set up as a salary sacrifice arrangement, which means that you are given the right to choose how much you’d like to contribute from your base salary to your pension scheme. (The minimum contribution is 1 percent.) Morningstar will match your employee contributions up to 5.25 percent of your base salary.

    Life and Disability Insurance
    Employees are automatically enrolled in our Life Assurance and Income Protection insurance policies.
  • Time Off and Leave Policy
    Morningstar provides two tools to help employees maintain work-life balance—time off and leave. We offer a flexible time off policy at Morningstar. Employees take the time they need with their manager’s approval. Prior to requesting time off, employees must discuss their plans with their manager and co-workers to make sure their work is covered.

    Training and Development
    Morningstar encourages employees to continue to learn throughout their careers. We promote a 70/20/10 development philosophy for employees at all levels. Our philosophy recommends that 70 percent of an employee’s time be spent on professional development, 20 percent of an employee’s time be spent on mentoring and 10 percent on formal training.

    The Morningstar Scholars tuition reimbursement program assists employees with strong job performance and defined career goals who wish to pursue a related academic degree while working at Morningstar. For accepted program applicants, Morningstar covers a portion of tuition reimbursement for approved, job-related degree programs.

    Morningstar also encourages lifelong learning through an annual educational stipend that employees choose how to spend.

  • Perks
    On top of the major benefits, we believe in preserving the little things that make a workplace friendlier. Some of these perks include:
    Casual dress every day
    Open, egalitarian environment
    Free beverages
    Social events year-round
    At-cost subscriptions to products for family members and friend
  • Photo Gallery

    Athletic challenges give us inspiration to compete for Team Morningstar.


    We find time to relax and have fun at Patio Parties and other gatherings.


    Morningstar employees pitch in to various causes through our community outreach programme.


    We celebrate local holidays and company successes at year-round events.

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