• How We Help Individual Investors
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  • Expand Your Investment Knowledge

    Our straightforward articles and tutorials, written by Morningstar authors and analysts in the UK and globally, guide you through the fundamentals of stocks and funds, while explaining how a range of investments might fit within your overall strategy.

  • Research and Discover Investment Opportunities

    The sheer volume of investments on the market can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned financial professionals. Our powerful online tools help take the confusion out of your investment search, provide a clear picture of your investments and unearth new opportunities.

  • Save Time Analysing Your Portfolio

    Morningstar’s specialised portfolio tools give you immediate answers about your portfolio’s performance, helping you examine your investments in context, evaluate your risk exposure and adjust your holdings as your needs change. You can save time by tracking all of your investments in one place, viewing their performance at-a-glance and receiving daily status updates. Available to Premium Members, our Morningstar® Instant X-Ray™ tool reveals any stock overlaps between individual fund holdings and your overall asset allocation.

  • Access Trusted Independent Insights

    Investors turn to us for practical ideas that they can immediately put to work. Through our independent Morningstar Analyst Reports, ratings, commentary and tutorials, we interpret the markets, clarify the news and share our unbiased expertise to help you better understand your investment opportunities.

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