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  • Anna Mukhina
    Technology Participant
    Morningstar Development Program

    Chicago, U.S.A
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  • At Morningstar, we hire people who are smart, curious, entrepreneurial, and passionate about our mission of creating great products that help investors reach their financial goals. We created the Morningstar Development Program (MDP) to nurture recent college graduates and prepare them for successful, long-term careers here.


    As a participant in the Morningstar Development Program, you’ll have the opportunity to build your career through on-the-job experience in our business groups, which includes Sales, Solutions, Information Products, Investment Management, and Research. Each of these groups provides unique opportunities to learn about Morningstar’s business, from interacting directly with our clients, to building your knowledge of Morningstar’s data, products, and research. Your first placement will be as a Client Service Representative, where you’ll have a chance to learn about Morningstar’s business, directly interact with our clients, and build your knowledge about our data, products, and research.

    Build a Strong Foundation

    You’ll participate in ongoing training sessions, stretch projects, and roundtable discussions, developing a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon and use every day in your new Morningstar career. You’ll also develop critical skills and knowledge that will prepare you to advance into positions across the organization.

    Chart Your Career

    Each participant in the Morningstar Development Program will work closely with the Career Development team—made up of senior leaders at the company—to determine your current skill set and the proficiency we want you to develop as you move through the program. This team and the program advisor will meet with you regularly to identify and develop your career goals. Past MDP participants have moved into roles in client relationship management, project management, and investment analysis, and many have taken on various leadership positions across the company.

    Keep it Flexible

    One of the key benefits of the program is gaining exposure to different parts of our business. Once MDP participants have mastered the necessary skills in one role, they can expand their knowledge by taking on additional responsibilities in their current positions or moving to another area, with guidance from the Career Development team. Developing new skills make you more valuable to the organization and opens new opportunities to you.

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    Anna Mukhina
    Technology Morningstar Development Program Participant
    Chicago, U.S.A

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    Product Consultant
    Chicago, U.S.A.
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