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  • The Image Library is a comprehensive collection of more than 20 PowerPoint® presentations and 150 images of the market for use in unlimited print, electronic, and web distribution. This package provides the raw materials marketing departments need to create compelling product communications and sales support materials, as well as client-ready materials that help augment product and sales campaigns. Keeping your firm’s needs at the forefront, Morningstar will work with you on product delivery, training, and implementation.
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  • Key Features
    Library consists of 150+ images, covering 20+ investment topics
    Each professionally designed image comes with a full page of speaker notes to assist in analysis interpretation
    All images available in EPS, PDF, or Microsoft® Word file formats for seamless rebranding options
    New Content is added to the library each month, allowing your firm to quickly and easily address the most relevant and pressing market topics
    Use Morningstar's independent research and analysis to validate investment strategies, or fully rebrand materials to match company look and feel
    Key presentations are FINRA reviewed
    Includes the Morningstar Markets Observer, a quarterly and comprehensive presentation with views of past, present, and future trends
    Topics Covered include:
    • Dividend investing
    • Downturns and recoveries
    • Exchange-traded funds
    • Global investing
    • Growth and value investing
    • Principles of investing
    • Investor behavior
    • Risk and volatility
    • Target-date funds
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